Why Blockchain

We Use the Power of Blockchain Technology
to Power Your Business

EarnDLT leverages the technology of tomorrow — distributed ledger and blockchain technology
— to create value for your business today.

Our blockchain technology is designed for your enterprise.

Private Blockchain

Managed by you and open to others by invite-only

SOC 2 - Compliant

For the highest security, integrity, and confidentiality

Energy Efficient

Built using highly-efficient Proof of Authority consensus mechanism

How Blockchain Technology Puts Trust Into Transactions

Turn any data into trustworthy tokens stored on a private blockchain
Track and store every change made to that data on your blockchain
Invite certified users to view your assets and data
Transfer ownership of your tokens and all related data

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

built specifically for your sector

Quantified Emissions

Our Emissions Accounting System transforms verified environmental attributes into digital tokens, making transactions easier and more trustworthy

Credit & Lending

Quantified Emissions

Credit & Lending

EarnDLT scales your lending transactions
by reducing the time and capital spent
on disposition and settlement

Powered by Renewables


  MT CO2e saved with

     Feb ’20 to

     Jan ’23

EarnDLT is inspired by the potential of blockchain technology to unlock new value for businesses and our shared planet. But, it can take a lot of energy to process and store large amounts of data generated by a technology platform like ours.

That’s why Earn’s enterprise blockchain solution is built using the energy-efficient Proof of Authority consensus mechanism. It’s also why the entirety of Earn’s platform and data are hosted at AWS facilities powered by 100% renewable energy.

Day by day, Earn is making our solution and operations more efficient and sustainable.
We’re excited to continue sharing our journey with you.

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